Songs of Distant Earth

The Songs of distant Earth

©1994 Warner Music UK Ltd

The tracks:

CD Rom Track
This part is intended to be played on a Macintosh... and I haven't tried it yet.

In The Beginning
A soft introduction, with a slight trend to mysticism...

Let There Be Light
Like a bird above the sea... The whole part would be perfect to listen to when flying above the Antarctic Ocean, to my mind.

From a very soft level "in the beginning", the music slowly becomes more and more emphatic, and once again strongly suggests large landscapes.

The spirit of discovery governs this part -from the enthousiasm for the departure to the slow exploration of a new world, and finally the eve of a new hope.

First Landing
A transition...

The theme is brought with at first an electrical guitar, followed by a small melody on the piano. The guitar the comes back with strange sounds, introducing the rythm which will sustain the whole following part.

Only Time Will Tell
The same, obsessive rythm is played the whole part along... Yet a bit repetitive, this part is quite... "charming", and is followed by a duo of strange voices... The theme once again takes some emphasize as time goes on, and begins more and more complex, between the echoes of many voices... "Only Time will tell"...

Prayer For The Earth
A long "mélopée" then follows. Well, I sometimes simply can't bear this part, and skip it...

Lament For Atlantis
A slow and nostalgic part... But behind nostalgy, one can feel the promise of a new hope... But which one?

The Chamber
Another slow and soft transition, introducing the next part...

Quite strangely, this part reminds me of a sort of gregorian songs... That may probably be explained with Arthur C. Clarke's novel...

Tubular World
Well, other... "tubular bells"? No. Perhaps my favourite part on the CD. A little and simple melody becomes more and more complex with more and more instruments... and,more and more attractive. Well, I just LIKE it. But I don't know why...

The Shining Ones
Yet another strange part. Strange sounds, a strange rythm... It reminds me of groups of bubbles, each one with a different melody, vanishing in the air and freeing its content...

Crystal Clear
A part without any clear purpose. Melodies and voices superimpose on a simple rythm. And it is long, long, long... yet not boring. Why? Probably because of the variety of the melodies which are played... And one more time, the part ends with the well-known sound of an oldfieldian electrical guitar...

The Sunken Forest
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles... A slow and gentle part :-)

After the Sunken Forest, this is a summing-up of the whole CD... with the same oldfieldian guitar as usual. The part slowly becomes more and more emphasized, as a series of steps before the final explosion, repeating the voices and hopes of the CD... and also vanishes in a distant explosion...

A new Beginning
The strangest part of the whole CD!!! Well... I don't want you to lose the pleasure of discovering it by yourself!

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