Tubular Bells

Tubular Bells

©1973 Virgin Records Ltd

His first record. A version was also recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which I also own (the CD of course, not the orchestra ;-) ). Parts were used for The Exorcist.

The tracks:

Part I
This part contains the most well-known extracts from Tubular Bells, which includes the main, haunting theme used for The Exorcist. This is definitly one of my favourite pieces. A quite long passage follows; I support it, for it is worth waiting for what comes after.. especially what begins around the 11th minute. A short piece of electric guitar then introduces a quite impressive passage, at the end of which comes the long-waited main piece. Well, if you haven't listened it yet, then you CAN'T pretend you know Miike Oldfield...

Part II
A long, almost gloomy theme comes again, followed by a piece slowly rythmed with drums. Then comes a "sung" piece I usually would like to skip (shame on me!), but there are among it a few little jewels... Melancholy still remains at the end, but suddenly disappears with a final surprise...

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